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Custom Wedding Gallery

Will You Marry Me?
Will You Be My Bridesmaid, Pink
Will You Be My Bridesmaid, Brown
Will you be in our wedding?
Engagement Rings
Engagement Arrangement: Beach Hyacinth, Flip Flop, Palm Tree & Engagement Ring
Bachelorette Party Arrangement
Bachelorette Party Favors
Arrangement in ivory, gold and raspberry, 20-pc
Arrangement in white and burgandy
Fall Bridal Arrangement
Bridal Arrangement in Ivory & Purple
Bridal Dress, Small Ivory with Chocolate & Tiffany Blue
Shower Favors: large dress & scalloped heart
Shower Favors: small dress & shell
Shower Favors: large dress and jumbo umbrella
Shower Favors: large dress in white with pink flowers
Shower Favors: large dress in white with dark teal, personalized
Shower Favors: medium dress in raspberry with ivory flowers, personalized
Shower Favors: dresses, large and small in ivory & blue
Shower Favors: dresses, large and small in ivory with pink and monogram
Shower Favors: flip flop hearts with names & date
Shower Favors: medium gown & tuxedo with xsm favors
Shower Favors: Greek themed
Shower Arrangement, small scalloped hearts in pastels
Monograms: P and squares with names, rust and brown
Shower Favors: Sunflower
Acevedo Wedding Centerpieces
Centerpiece with dress, cake, 2 shoes, 2 doves & hearts-Quinones
Centerpieces with dress, tux, cake, tie and 2 LOVE statues
Scottish Kilts & Dresses
Place Setting
Table Setting
Place Setting2
Ace of hearts, personalized
Bridal Assortment, in White with Lime and Blue
Bridal Assortment, in White with Pastels
Elephant with Gold Gilding
2-Piece Wedding Favor Bag
4-Tier Wedding Cake Favor
Wedding Favor Assortment, White with red and black
Cake & Heart, small with Hydrangea flowers.jpg
Cake & Heart, Mini in White and Pink
Cake, Heart, & LOVE, Small in white and blue
Monogrammed Cake, large with banding in White and Pink
Monogrammed Cake, large with flowers in White, Pink & Grey
Monogrammed Cake, small with banding in White, Pink and Orange
Crabs with Heart Favors for Maryland Wedding
Dog Bone Favor in Sage and Pink
Wedding Favors: dove, small dress, small cake in periwinkle
Wedding Favors: Doves, large \'Love Everlasting\'
Wedding Favors: flip flop, large personalized
Wedding Favors: flower girl and ring bearer
Wedding Favors: heart tux & dress, small
Wedding Favors: large double heart with names
Wedding Cakes at Reception
Wedding Favor: Pear with names and date
Wedding Favors: winter themed
Chinese LOVE Symbol
LOVE in white with hot pink
LOVE in white with hot pink and leaf green
LOVE in ivory with black
LOVE in ivory with brown
LOVE in ivory with lavender
LOVE in white with light pink
LOVE in ivory with navy
LOVE in navy with lime
LOVE in white with pastels
LOVE in white with purple
LOVE in royal with brown
LOVE in rust with ivory
LOVE in white with sky blue
LOVE in white, with red & black
LOVE in ivory with celery and with bridal dress & tux
LOVE in ivory with sage
LOVE in ivory with raspberry
LOVE in pink with brown
LOVE in white with navy & red
LOVE, large & small in white with bright sky
Anniversary image and bell arrangement
40th Anniversary Double Bell
50th Anniversary Cake with Pink Flowers
50th Anniversary Favor (Square)
Anniversary Favor: large double heart with gold gilding and names
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